Products and Services

BIO X and BIO X6

The BIO X and BIO X6 are the most user-friendly and flexible bioprinters in the world, providing the user with an unparalleled bioprinting experience. Ready-to-use, right out of the box, users can start bioprinting immediately, removing the need for hours of training or tedious g-coding. Whether you are developing complex tissue constructs or testing new drug compounds, the BIO X series has the advanced functionality and versatility to streamline workflows in a wide range of application areas.

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Lumen X

Built from the ground up with CELLINK’s cutting-edge technology and powered by 405 nm visible light, this system brings a new degree of precision and utility to the light-based bioprinter space.

Backed with years of customer suggestions, the LUMEN X™ takes every need and detail into consideration. With a robust design, as well as user-friendly software, this printer makes light-based bioprinting a breeze – unlocking advantages across numerous applications.

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Bioinks – Biomaterials

High-quality bioinks play an important role in the success of 3D cell culture and 3D bioprinting. As the first bioink company, we’re constantly creating and refining bioinks for a variety of application areas. Whether it is ECM components that drive stem cell differentiation, or biomechanical properties supporting cardiomyocyte functionality. No matter the cell type, or application our team has a solution.​

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